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Tape Conversion Rates

Video tapes, Media and DVD authoring

VHS to digital file
per tape

1 Hour
R160 per hour thereafter.
Includes cleaning
Optional burn to DVD  
or save to USB or HDD
  • Excessive Mould clean R60
  • Unwanted footage edited 
  • Tape repair

per tape

1 Hour
R160 per hour thereafter
Add R100 to burn DVD with menu and chapters
  • Compress .avi to .mp4
  • Video editing
  • Tape repair

Audio cassette
per tape

1 Hour
R100 per hour thereafter
R60 cd track markers
R60 sound restoration
R250 per Vinyl transfer

  • Level Mastering
  • Noise removal
  • stereo imaging

Slides /negatives

R6 per slide .
After 100 
30 slides
R12.30 each
Add R2 for negatives
  • film negatives
  • slides
  • Photographs